Overview of our Conson products


Conson has effective home and building automation products to increase your comfort.

The Conson installer or the engineering office is the architect of your Conson installation.

Below you find an overview of our current products that the Conson installer can use for your project.

NOTE: The previous generation Conson products (e.g. CP20 switch-link, CP24 relay module, CP31 & CP33 dimmers,…) are not available anymore and are replaced by XP modules. You can still consult the complete technical documentation of the old CP modules here or contact us for further questions.

Consonbox | Management system
XP11 | Power supply (new version)
XP130 – XP230 | Ethernet gateway
XP20 | Switch-Link (8 channels)
XP24 | Relay module (4 relays)
XP28 | Bus interface
XP31BC | LED and ballastdriver
XP31CR | Dimmer 600 VA R/C
XP31DD | Dimmer Dali/DSI
XP31LED | LED dimmer 200VA
XP31LR | Dimmer 1000VA R/L
XP33LED | LED dimmer 3x100VA
XP33LR | Dimmer 3 x 210VA
Who we are


We deliver world class home and building automation products around the world.


Conson A/S Denmark is located in the village of Korsør and produces the Conson modules with the most modern production facilities.

After more than 40 years of production, research, development, we are able to market innovative quality products for home and building automation.

The reliability of our products is our biggest feature as well as their operational lifetime.

History of Conson A/S


At the beginning of the 1980s, Conson was one of the first pioneers in the field of intelligent lighting controls to present its IMS system. A that time the PC was already involved in exceptionally large projects.

Intensive R&D, hard work and innovative thinking brought new products to the market such as the Concept 2000 in the mid-90s and later the new Concept 2000Xp.

Later it became a necessity to extend the dimmers to LED dimmers. Now that everyone has a Smartphone, previous Internet control apps have been modernized and replaced by the CONSONBOX.